Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Negative Peeps

Afternoon! Wow. This day is almost over. It's been balls to the wall, folks! Feels like I just got here. I'm going to rewind a bit . . .

For dinner, I was a tad stumped on what to make so I asked Big Boy what he wanted. He is very picky and basically loves pizza. So I decided we should do a "Make Your Own Pizza" night. There was sauce, cheese, red circles (aka, pepperoni), mushrooms, spinach and tofu to choose from. The base of the pizza was leftover naan that I had gotten from the Asian grocery store. They were in the freezer and didn't take long to thaw. (Yes, my counters are old school lol)

Big Boy in action . . . He loved it!

He made both The Lover's and his own. The Lover's has mushrooms on it.

I made mine with very little sauce, mushrooms, spinach, cheese and leftover BBQ tofu.

Dessert was Easter candy, of course! I also had some chocolate covered pretzels.

This morning started off great. Both boys were in great moods and although it was a hurried morning, it was smooth sailing. I had a Chocolate Cherry Bomb for brekkie.

  • 2 cups fresh spinach
  • 15 frozen sweet dark cherries
  • 1T chocolate syrup
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup rice milk
  • ice, ice, ice!
My new favorite! I snacked on an apple and Easter egg before heading out for a 3 mile run. I basically kept it indoors today. The wind was ridiculous and my allergies were out of whack. I woke up with some nice and sexy crusty eyes.

We also had our relay marathon meeting. We have 3 teams this year! So pumped. What, what! Though I had that awful nightmare, I'm more excited than anything. Lunch was quick and easy. I was starving and took a bite before taking a pic. Oops!

Mmmmm . . . black bean and sweet potato burgers can never be wrong. For dessert, I had chocolate Oikos with strawberries. So sinful - in a good way!

I also had some pineapple that went down the hatch - no pic sorry!

So do you know anyone that is so freaking negative? I have a few in my life and it is so frustrating. I feel like they totally bring me down. Now, I'm not Ms. Happy Rainbows 24/7 (because that would be so annoying) but I am a generally happy person. I have bad days like everyone else but oh my goodness! The constant negativity just chaps my ass. (sorry for the super country saying) And it's not just negativity towards themselves but about EVERYTHING. Is there a point when all that negativity just ends up being self-fulfilling prophecy? Honestly, I could pick up my computer and throw it against the wall. It is THAT annoying to me. I tend to want to "pump" that person up but when do you say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH? When you feel that it's dragging you down as well?

Do you have Negative Peeps in your life? How do you deal? OK I must run! The Lover and I are off to get Big Boy enrolled in Pre-K. Sniff, sniff. They grow up so darn fast. It feels like I just gave birth to him and now he's 4!


  1. I have a friend that is super negative ALL the time. It dries me crazy! She complains about everything, her husband, kids, work, etc., and never has anything positve to say. It especially bothers me when she is complaining about her kids. They are 1 and 3 years old and are great little kids but youwould never know that by speaking to my friend. I always try topointout the positive things in her her life when we are talking, but she just keeps on with her negative ranting never acknowledging how lucky she is to have a great husband, who works hard to support his family, and two wonderful children, who are healthy. I actually find myself making excuses to get off the phone with her because I just can't take all the negativity.

    Sorry that got kinda long. I've just been dealing with this exact topic alot lately.

  2. what a fun night!! pizza night is always a winner!

    are you running the half at the memorial marathon? congrats, thats a huge fun race!

  3. Ugh I work with this girl who is so negative.. I finally looked at her one day and just straight up told her I could not deal with her attitude or negativity one day at work. It worked. I just hate being brought down so addressing it was great!

    Loving the Easter candy bowl :o)