Sunday, February 28, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Evening, all! What a great and fun family weekend! Friday night, as soon as I got home from work, we were on our way. I think I was able to get a short nursing sesh in with Baby Boy. The Lover had everything loaded and ready to go. We stopped about 2 hours later for dinner. We could tell both boys needed to get out and stretch their leggies. Baby Boy fell asleep for about an hour but Big Boy was up the whole time. When Baby Boy woke up, it was pretty hellish. He cried and wanted out of his carseat. Poor dude. We finally got to the hotel and when the boys walked into the room after the long car ride, they perked right back up and were like little wild animals bouncing off the walls. It was hilarious until about 1130 PM. Both The Lover and I were so ready for bed. I think the boys finally fell asleep around midnight. Talk about living on the edge lol.

Saturday was the big day: Monster Jam! I've never seen the new Cowboys Stadium - and to tell you the truth, I had no clue it was new! It's gorgeous! So shiny . . .

The weather was also faboosh! It was a mad house. So many people were there. I think they said over 70,000 people were there. Cah-razy! When we were heading to the pit party, it seemed like miles until we got there.

Here are a few highlights from the pit party and the show:

Big Boy, The Lover and Papa definitely had a wonderful time. Honestly, it was ok for me. Baby Boy wasn't supposed to go with us but he ended up going. He didn't want to leave the ear covers on. Can't blame him but I didn't want him to go deaf. Those trucks are loud! I took him out to the lobby area for part of the show and The Lover took over for another part. It was so great seeing Big Boy's face though. The excitement in his eyes . . . I'm just so glad we had the opportunity to take him. He had a blast.

I also did something I have never done and never thought I would do. Out of desperation, I nursed Baby Boy in a bathroom. I've always refused to nurse in the bathroom anywhere. When Baby Boy was a newborn, I did go into the bathroom to get him latched until I got the hang of it. After that, I was a pro. At the stadium, there were so many people and nowhere to sit and comfortably nurse. So, I went with the family restroom. C'est la vie!

The trip back home was much, much better. They were both exhausted and slept most of the way. We stopped at the state line for lunch and stopped again in Norman, OK. I've been wanting to visit Mason's Pecans and Peanuts, a local place that makes nut brittles, butters and cookies. We bought some things for the boys and of course some cookies but I'm most excited about finding pumpkin butter! Woohoo! Look for it in upcoming posts.

It feels so wonderful to be home! We had a fantastic time but there is nothing like your own house. I didn't document anything I ate but I promise you it was not healthy! I did get one short, 1.5 mile run in and it felt great. Thank goodness for hotel gyms. Not only was I happy to be home but so was Baby Boy. He was pretty clingy and not his usual happy-go-lucky self. The Lover and I kept asking each other, "What has gotten into him?" Baby Boy was back to normal the longer we were home. So nice!

I was also so happy about making my dinner in my own kitchen. Sounds crazy but we were so sick of eating out. For dinner tonight, I made tofu stir fry.

It contained:
  • 1.5 servings of WW linguine
  • 1/2 cup broccoli
  • 1/2 cauliflower
  • 1/2 cup shredded parsnips
  • 1/2 cup shredded carrots
  • roasted tofu
  • 1 T peanut butter
  • soy sauce
To prepare the tofu: I pressed it and sliced into cubes. Lightly spray cookie sheet with cooking spray, sprinkle S&P and some garlic powder.  Roast in 400 degree oven for 45 minutes. I prepared the linguine as directed, drained and added it to the broc, cauliflower, parsnips and carrots. Add the tofu, PB and soy sauce last. Full of veggies and carbs and it SO hit the spot!

I'm going to get the boys' things ready for school. They will be going to school and The Lover and I are off. We're looking forward to it! I'm also getting a 10 miler in tomorrow so I better hit the hay! Feels great to be home and I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed! Nighty night!

Friday, February 26, 2010

What's Up, Doc?

Wow, time is flying by for me and I feel like I have so much work to do! Earlier, I had an apple snack attack.

I think I'm going to quit putting my apples into cups. It's not very green of me to use cups every time. Oopsie!

I had my snack way too early. By the time my run rolled around, I was hungry again. I had 1/3 of my Amazing Grass energy bar.

I was leary of the bar. I mean, come on. It's green!

But oh my goodness, it's good! Check your teeth after eating because you'll get some green goodness in the pearly whites!

Donna and I went for our run and about 1.75 miles into it, we picked up another co-worker to join us. All in all, we got 2.5 miles in. Totally a guess. I decided to take it easy on my left knee this week. It's been popping and hurting a bit and I didn't want to exacerbate it by logging too many miles.

Lunch was rushed and kind of a mish-mash of a few leftovers.

I had:
  • leftover cous cous (it's finally gone!)
  • a black bean and spinach salad topped with cheddar crumbles
  • two carrots
  • hummus on the side for dipping (not shown)
Though it was thrown together, it was quite tasty. I've been running around the office with a carrot hanging out of my mouth. GEEK CITY! Donna surprised me with some mittens I've been coveting!

And they double as fingerless gloves!

I am so lucky to have such great friends. I love that lady!

I am not sure I will be able to blog at all this weekend until Sunday evening. Just a heads up, kids! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and I'll miss my bloggie friends!

Friday Madness

Morning, morning! I woke up to some snow on the ground. Luckily, it's not sticking around. Woohoo! We are all very excited for our family road trip after work and school today. I was actually getting on my own nerves running around trying to do last minute things while trying to get the boys and myself ready for the day. I really should plan better haha!

My core is screaming today. Last night, when I was rolling over in my sleep, I actually woke up because I could feel the soreness and perhaps a couple muscle spasms. I thought I had a pretty decent core but I guess it got punished yesterday. :0)

Breakfast was another super delicious Green Monster. This one was a beast. I had to drink a little before leaving the house because it did all fit in my cup. Both boys had a sip and also approved.

In my GM, I had:
Chocolate + coconut = HEAVEN! So good. The downside of the GMs is when people come into my office, I have to try not to smile. No matter how long I blend it, I'll have spinach in my teeth. :0)

While on our getaway, I'm a bit worried about the options available. Though I'm still eating some fish, I'm slowly trying to phase it out. This will be an interesting eats weekend I am sure!

Hope you have a great morning!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I swear Donna and I are becoming twins! On Tuesday, we were running and I was complaining that my right booty was hurting and she said her left one was hurting. Today, we both were rocking dirty socks to the gym. She's like my long lost twin. The super cool part is that we have an age difference of more than 15 years but we get along so well. Ok, enough of that sappy stuff!

My pre-workout snack was two cuties and some chocolate mint tea.

We did tons of core work today. It was crazy but fun. While doing planks, all I could think was, "Thank you Jillian Michaels!" Thanks to her 30 Day Shred and No More Trouble Zones DVDs, I felt like I did pretty well with the planks and my form in general was pretty tight. RAISE THE ROOF!

Lunch was kind of rushed since I had a meeting soon after but it was still awesome!

All together:

I started munching on the carrot before taking a pic. I was hongree! My wrap contained:
  • sweet potato
  • spinach
  • hummus
  • 1/2 cup butter beans
Put all ingredients on a Flat Out wrap and yummers. I gave butter beans a whirl for the second time in my life. I love red kidney, black, garbanzo . . . I'm a bean lover! But the butter beans were a bit bland to me. Thank goodness for the hummus on the wrap. I dipped the carrots in some leftover hummus.

If you can believe it, I was hungry again after the meeting! My snackaroo hit the spot as usual.

  • 3/4 cup non-fat plain yogurt
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin flaxseed granola
  • sliced banana
I use the boys' tupperware containers to pack my lunch. They are so handy and just the right portion sizes! I love using Baby Boy's spoons and forks too. Again, perfect size and he doesn't use utensils yet so someone's gotta do it!

I pack my breakfast, lunch and snacks for a whole day. I'm in and out of the office fridge every couple hours. If I don't plan, I end up not always making the healthiest choices.

Do you plan your meals for the day or do you wing it?

Your Wish Is My Command

Good morning! Today is our last day of sun and mild temps for awhile. Boo! But I'm going to enjoy being able to wear sunglasses. I know, I'm a geek. It was a big of a rough and sleepless night (don't you hate those?) so I wanted something energizing this morning for breakfast.

Sorry for the poor pic quality. I added some extra oomph to my Green Monster! Some Green Superfood went into the GM. Why hello, Baby Boy's telephone!

  The GM was almost overflowing. My GM contained:
  • Super Food
  • 2 handfuls of fresh spinach
  • 1 large banana
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup coconut juice
  • lots o' ice
  • 2 T shredded coconut
If you couldn't tell, I could use an intervention for coconut. Blend it up and enjoy! I love GMs because they travel so well.

The Lover took the boys to school this morning. Woohoo! As we were all getting ready, I said to The Lover, "I wish I had a notebook." He said, "Oh, here you go, Babe!" I was thinking, seriously? SWEET. I turned around and he gave me a real notebook. I was talking about one of those little laptops. Hilarity! He's such a cutie. Feel free to gag on your breakfast haha! I love that guy.

Knowing The Lover, he'll be getting tons of laundry out of the way today. Monster Jam is on the horizon and I am feeling stressed about house chores. I hate coming home from a trip - even a short one - and the house is messy. My goal tonight is to clean and pack!

Hope you have a great morning! I'm ready to tackle the day and am hoping to get some core work in today as well. WHOOP!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mediocre Run on a Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day! It's super sunny and currently upper 40s. Perfect running weather! Donna had a lunch date so I was on my own today. I knew I wanted to run outside so I went with the outdoor route we tried on Monday. Before the run, I had a lovely banana.

It wasn't my best run. I really felt my energy lagging. Not sure what that was about but it sucked! I eked out 4.5 miles. Didn't make my 5 mile goal but I knew I didn't have it in me. I was hungry and really, not all that happy lol. I did get a good sweat on and that does make me happy.

My lunch was all about the leftovers from last night.

Salad with baby carrots and cheddar crumbles. I also had some WW cous cous that I had prepared with veggie broth, green onions, diced mushrooms and diced garlic. I'm pretty sure this will not last very long!

Sorry for the shortie post but I have a meeting in a bit. Have a good one!

Do It, Do It - Okay!

Morning! Guess what song I heard on the radio this morning? That's right, Neon Moon. You know this chick started twanging! Big Boy even said, "This is my song." Darling. They were both great this morning. Is it because Monster Jam is on the horizon? Possibly. Or is it because they know their mama is frazzled and are treading very carefully? Likely! I'm just kidding. Though I am frazzled, I prefer to be busy and as much as I belly ache, I love it!

So last night, The Lover decided to surprise us with a special dessert.

Sorry about the poor pic quality. It's a brownie fudge sundae that totally rocked the buds! Baby Boy and I shared the single while The Lover and Big Boy split a double.

I prepared my breakfast last night: overnight oats. Love this stuff!

My awesome oats contained:
  • 1/2 cup dry oatmeal
  • 1/2 cup non-fat plain yogurt
  • 1/4 cup plain almond milk
  • 1/4 coconut juice
  • 1.5 teaspoons brown sugar
  • generous sprinkle of cinnamon
Combine all ingredients, store in fridge overnight. This morning, I added 2 teaspoons shredded coconut, 1 small diced apple and diced almonds. Try not to moan with delight with every bite! I think I have finally found the right moisture combo that I prefer. Usually, the oats tend to be too dry for my tastes but with the almond milk and coconut juice, perfection!

I mentioned last night that my knee was popping like crazy yesterday. I was worried how it would be this morning but it seems fine. I'm not sure I'll get the full 10 miles of speedwork in today but I'm going for at least 5. It's still balls to the wall crazy at work so more than likely, 10 ain't gonna happen.

When I stayed home, I relied on The Lover and Nana to watch the boys while I did my thang.  Now that I'm working again, I do it during the work day. For you working peeps, how and when do you fit work outs in? For you full time mamas, how and when do you fit work outs in?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pop Goes the Knee-sel!

Why hello there! Hope you are having a good evening. My evening has been pretty uneventful - just taking care of some bidness around here. I don't think I made much of a dent in the laundry but I'm trying! I'm trying to get better at doing household chores a little at a time so I don't have a bunch of catching up to do on the weekends. So far, so good. But there is always room for improvement.

For dinneroni, I went with simple and easy: salmon, salad and WW cous cous. To add some pizzazz to the cous cous, I prepared it with veggie broth instead of water. I also added some sliced mushrooms, green onions and diced garlic.

Oh and when I got home, I was so ravenous I had a PB & honey sammie. I inhaled it before taking a pic. Oops. The Lover went to get us a surprise dessert. I'll post a pic tomorrow morning. EXCITEMENT!

Also, my left knee is popping.  I have a 10 speedwork run tomorrow but I may have to take it easy. I'll see how the knee is tomorrow morning.

Have a faboosh night!

Pump That Iron

Cannot. Type. Right. Now. Just kidding! I definitely feel stregnth workout in my upper body and arms. They are like rubber hoses haha. It was a good workout. We did chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, glutes and quads. There were some walking lunges with weights thrown in the party. OUCH.

I had a mid-morning stress induced munch fest on NOO pretzels and a cutie. These pretzels rock my face off. I have to portion them out or I will go nuts on the bag.

Two hours later, my before workout snack was a cutie and cottage cheese.

I was so ready for lunch it wasn't even funny. I had leftover roasted veggies from last night's din-din.

Cold veggies are pretty good! I had it on a Flat Out wrap with some garlic roasted Sabra hummus. Bomb! I had 1.75 servings of the veggies. They were so yum-iriffic!

Back to the grindstone! I'm ready to cuddle with my dudes!

Happy Tuesday!

Good mo'nin! How are you? The sun is shining today and though it's 27 degrees, it's beautiful outside! Isn't it funny how a little sunshine just lifts the mood? I am so ready for Spring.

Because it was a chilly morning, I was craving oatmeal. Oatmeal, I've missed you!

My warm, yummy oatmeal contained:
  • 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • 1 cup water
  • 1.5 teaspoons brown sugar
I prepared the oatmeal according to instructions. When it was almost finished, I added cinnamon, a splash of coconut juice and a splash of almond milk. Once I got to work, I topped it with chocolate chips, shredded coconut, 4 chopped almonds and sliced banana. I had chocolate mint tea on the side. I'm obesessed with chocolate mint tea!

It's going to be another day of ball to the wall crazy at work so I'll check ya after my iron pumping sesh! Have a fan-freaking-tastic morning!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Roaring Good Evening

This evening has gone well! I felt super productive, the boys were so cheerful, Older Sis came for a visit and brought my nephews . . . superb! Older Sis and I usually see each other at least once a week but it's been pretty hectic since Nephew 2 came into the world. He's so darn cute. It is weird that I've had two babies but now that they are older, I almost forget what it's like to have a newborn. Older Sis also brought me a surprise: the lastest book of The Vampire Diaries series, The Return: Nightfall! I love my sisters!

While they were visiting, I had some Target's chickadees and flipped through my new Fitness magazine.

Once my sister and the nephews left, I threw a load of laundry in and started slicing and dicing in the kitchen. I came up with this mouthwateing creation, roasted veggie pizza.

My pizza consisted of:
  • butternut squash
  • parsnips
  • fresh spinach
  • mushrooms
  • broccoli
  • cheddar crumbles
To make this delish dish, preheat oven to 400 degrees. Then dice butternut squash and parsnips. Put in oven and roast for about 10 - 15 minutes. Add broc and 'shrooms, toss all veggies with a glug of oil and two glugs of soy sauce. Roast for an additional 5 minutes. Remove from oven. Lightly spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray. Top a Flat Out wrap with fresh spinach, a few cheddar crumbles, roasted veggies, and more cheddar crumbles. Crank oven up to broil. Broil pizza until cheese is nice and melty. Easy peasy! The roasted veggies will make an appearance at tomorrow's lunch.

Both boys got a bath so they are so fresh and so clean-clean. Check out this cuteness!

I'm going to have a few of NOO fat free fig cookies with a glass of almond milk for dessert. More chores to do and I'm jumping into bed!

Dessert is a must for this chickie! Do you have dessert every night or is it something you can live without?

So. Freaking. Busy.

I know I keep saying that but it's bonkers! Busy does make the day fly by and I can't complain about that.

Two Cuties jumped into my mouth. They make a perfect pre-run snackaroo. Don't be jealous of my fine (plastic) china. :0)

When Donna and I hit the gym, the dreadmills were full so we hoofed it outdoors. I prefer running outdoors over the 'mill but it was so cold. I had shorts on and my thighs turned bright red. Oopsie!

We ran two miles together and I ran another by myself. My legs still felt super tight after yesterday's 10 miler. I stretched really well yesterday and iced my knees like a good girl but the stiffness was still there. After the first mile today, it was better. I need to do yoga again!

Lunch was rockin'!

Lunch consisted of:
  • leftover Amy's Chunky Tomato Bisque
  • cheddar crumble sammie (no toaster boo!)
  • bambino carrots x2
I also added a few cheddar crumbles to my soup. H-E-A-V-E-N! Time to get crackalackin'! I'm already thinking of everything that needs to be done at home. BONKERS!

Feel Good Monday

*It's National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Please take a moment to check out this site: NEDA. *

Morning, folks! I can't believe the weekend is over already. It was such a fantastic one. Last night, I snuggled with Big Boy on the couch and we all watched Undercover Boss. I think I have a new show to add to the DVR! I really enjoyed that.

Both boys were so great this morning. Makes for a happy Monday! Baby Boy woke me up by sticking his fingers in my mouth. Cool. :0) They were so pleasant and were ready for school. I just love mornings like this!

For breakfast, I decided to go with an energizing Green Monster. I am addicted to these things! I love all things coconut and wanted to try something different with my GM. I had picked up a can of coconut juice at the Asian grocery store a couple months ago that I've been dying to try.

I recommend checking out your local Asian grocery stores for produce and things like tofu. It's usually a bit cheaper than regular stores and the selection of healthy products are pretty great. Of course, there are tons of foods that contain MSG and all that mess, so check labels!

My GM contained:
  • 1 T ground flax
  • 2 handfuls of fresh spinach
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1/4 cup coconut juice
  • 1 cup almond milk
Mmmm, mmmm, great! The coconut juice added an extra yum factor to the GM. Try it, you'll like it! This promises to be another busy week. We are also preparing things for Monster Jam! Whoop!

In honor of NEDA Awareness Week, Caitlin listed 10 positive qualities about herself without mentioning appearance. I felt inspired to do the same! Please share your list in the comments section!

1. I am a caring and good mama to two beautiful and healthy children.
2. I am a good wife to a fantastic husband.
3. I am a pretty kick booty cook.
4. I have come to love running and make time for myself to do it.
5. I have become a better driver.
6. I have a wonderful and supportive family.
7. I am pretty crafty when I want to be.
8. I don't love housework but I try my best.
9. I am a good listener.
10. I love myself!
Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Wow I can't believe the weekend is almost over. It's been so busy, busy, busy! This is going to be a long one!

I'll start with Saturday.

My mom came to get the boys around 330 PM. We hung out with my moms for a bit before they hit the road. We were almost clueless what to do with ourselves haha. We got ready for our date and headed to Kona Ranch. It's a Hawaiian inspired steakhouse. We hadn't been there in years. They have this coconut butter that is beyond words.

I had a ton of rolls and the yummy butter. I ordered a shrimp Caesar salad and had to send it back because there was bacon in it. This is a pic of the one with bacon.

This is me all smiley after living on the edge and having 1.5 beers. I'm a lighweight. What can I say? :0)

The Lover had a steak and we shared this decadent dessert.

YUMMY. It was a chocolate chunk cookie in a cinnamon butter with ice cream on top. Nom, nom, nom! The night ended with us watching "Role Models." I just love Paul Rudd! I was beyond stuffed. Like painfully stuffed. But it was such a wonderful night.

This morning, I woke up after sleeping until almost 800 AM! That's unheard of around here haha. I was afraid the weather wouldn't cooperate. I knew the temp would drop throughout the day so I knew I had to hit the road soon. I had mandatory coffee and a pre-run snack of PB, banana and sammie thin.

This was my second double digit run - 10 miles. I felt awesome! There were a lot of puddles but no more rain. I finished about 2:02 - not too shabby! I am definitely working on increasing my speed, slowly but surely. I took a Gu at mile 5 or 6. I started feeling hungry so I knew I needed it.

The Lover picked up the boys while I cleaned up. We visited Nana and she gave me a Kashi trail mix cookie (Baby Boy took half). So good! I love Kashi stuff.

For lunch we decided on Mexican food. I was still starving! Some chips, queso and salsa went down the hatch. I ordered a vegetarian taco salad. It had squash, mushrooms, beans, lettuce, onions . . . I don't know why I never tried it before. It was delicious! I had 2/3 of what is shown.

Baby Boy and I shared dessert.

Now I'm off to do a ton of chores. I haven't touched a thing all weekend! There wasn't even time to catch up on my DVRed shows. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ahhhh, Saturday!

Wowzers! Can't believe it's almost 130 PM already! We woke up pretty early and have been hanging with the boys until my mom picks them up. For breakfast, we headed to one of my favorite local places, Jimmy's Egg. Their food is so good!

The omelet was da bomb! It contained:
  • eggies
  • Swiss cheese
  • spinach
  • mushrooms
  • asparagus
On the side, home fries and homemade white toast. I thought I took a pic of the toast . . . .hmmmm. Anyhoo, to die for! I had half of the omelet and home fries. All my toast went down the hatch. Even though it's white bread, it's the best!

We then hit up Target to look for new kicks for Baby Boy. Big Boy insisted on a slushie so I got a hooge chocolate chunk cookie. Baby Boy and I were in heaven. Target's Valentine's Day stuff is 75% off! I love bargains.

I have a ten mile run on the agenda. I'm not certain if I'll do it today or tomorrow. But it will be conquered this weekend! Oh and check out these products Mother Love sent for review. Keep an eye out for my review soon!

Now to spend more time with my dudes before they hit the road!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Moms Can Do Anything

I totally forgot about the conversation Big Boy and I had while on the way to school this morning. He asked me why there were no more dinosaurs. I told him what I could remember from school. And let me tell you, it wasn't much! So then he asked if I could bring them back and put them on some "dirt" so they could stay there and not step on us or eat us. Ummm . . . sure! I will get right on that. He didn't understand why keeping them on a lot of land wouldn't work and that Jurassic Park was fake. I'm glad he has so much faith in me and thinks I can bring those beasts back. I love my boys. They make me crazy and want to pull my hair out but seriously, they are awesome. They will be awesome from afar tomorrow because they are going to stay the night with my mama. I'm doing the cabbage patch right now. No joke. :0) Now I'm doing the "raise the roof" thing. Woohoo for date night!

Work was insane this morning. I caught myself doing a bit of stress noshing.

I had to tell myself to slow my roll on the snacking! About 30 minutes before our run, I had two Cuties.

I was so very ready to get my run ON and get some stress out. As tempted as I was to run into the liquor store that is close to work, I ran by it. The run was nice and sweaty! Donna did well and it was so nice to get out and try a new route. We had three cars honk at us while we doing our thang. It was like we had our own co-worker cheering section! YAY!

My lunch was calling my name.

My yummy lunch contained:
  • Flat Out wrap
  • 4 sliced mushrooms
  • about 2 Tablespoons bean dip
  • spinach
  • left over crumbled tempeh (seasoned with taco seasoning)
  • shredded cheese
'Twas monstrous. On the side, I had bambino carrots and salsa for dipping. All together:

Do you have any special plans for the weekend?