Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blogging Newbie!

After years of yo-yo dieting and unhealthy body image, I was just sick of feeling terrible after each failed attempt at losing weight.  I was inspired by my baby sister (thanks, chick!).  At the age of 30, I decided I needed to take control and change my unhealthy ways.  Honestly, I started working out as  as a way to lose post-pregnancy baby weight.  Once the weight started coming off - slowly but surely - I wanted to take it a little further. 

How did I get started?  VERY slowly.  My husband (I'll refer to him as The Lover) bought the Wii Fit and it was a great and easy way to get started, especially since my second son was just about two months old.  Once the exercises started to feel "easy", I asked for a gym membership for Christmas 2008.  Ask and you shall receive!  I began training myself to run on the treadmill by doing short bursts of running and walking between each burst to recover.  I thought I would die when I ran for a minute straight!  Over time, I could run longer and walk less between sprint. I was so proud when I could run for 15 minutes without stopping and feeling like I would keel over.

My company began recruiting for relay teams to run in the OKC Memorial Marathon.  I signed up for the fun of it.  When I strapped the timing chip onto my ankle and took off - it was all adrenaline!   I ran the 5K leg in my personal record (PR) at the time - 40 minutes .  I handed off the chip to my team member and WOW.  I was hooked!!

Once I ran in that relay race, the "like" turned into "passion." I can honestly say that I have a passion for running and it has become a hobby. I am now training for a half-marathon that takes place in April 2010.

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  1. Way to go! Running is definately a wonderful hobby. I'm currently training for my first half also.