Thursday, December 24, 2009

I gotta feeling

that today is gonna be a GREAT day despite the inclement weather Oklahoma is getting hit with right now. You never know what the weather will do here. The meterologists predict sleet and snow. We shall see! I am excited that my boys may get to see a white Christmas this year. It's going to be busy, busy, busy and the "bah humbug" feeling I have been bitten with is actually gone and I feel pretty pumped about the holidays. Christmas is my favorite holiday but for some reason, I haven't been as jazzed this year. No worries though since I'm feeling the Happy Juice creeping in.

I made a rookie mistake and left my camera cord at work so I'm not sure how I'll upload pics. I'm still taking them but it may be one mondo post that is laden with pics. I bet one of my sisters has something that will work. Or Big Sis' husband. He's pretty tech savvy.

OR I can run up to work and grab my cord. Hmmmm . . . Time to get started! Have a Merry Christmas Eve and if you're traveling, please be careful! I'll post ASAP.

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