Monday, December 28, 2009

Eye of the Tiger

Yes! That is the song I had running through my head while doing a 5 miler today - through the snow and some ice! I had planned on doing 2 miles since I had loggied a big GOOSE EGG last week as far as mileage. But once I got going, I just wanted to keep going. I felt so exhilarhated! Did I spell that correctly? It was an amazing run and I felt awesome. I had the biggest smile on my face. :0)

I still don't have my camera USB cord so Wednesday's post will be super pic heavy. My recap of the holiday week:

12/23 - I rushed out of work at 100 PM to pick up the boys because the school was closing early. Once I arrived, I read the note on the door (which I had read numerous times by that point) and realized the school was closing at 100 PM on Christmas Eve not the 23rd. Geez. So I got some last minute shopping in before hI had to go back to the school to get Baby Boy's 2nd out of 3 antibiotic shots. By the way, the shots caused some heinous diapers. I felt terrible that my boss let me leave early and everything.

12/24 - The Lover had to go in to work super early. I was worried since there was sleet and huge amounts of snow predicted. I packed up the boys to get the to doctor's early for the 3rd shot and sure enough, it was sleeting and the roads were already terribly slick. There were already accidents lining the highway. SCARY. The Lover drives all day and in the country so again, I was terrified. The boys and I got home and it started snowing. The meterologists usually get snow predictions wrong but they were right this time. It snowed well into the evening. The Lover was stuck in the boonies, many of the major highways were closed and it looked likely that he would be spending CHRISTMAS EVE in a shelter. Yes, you read that right. We were so upset. Honestly, we were lucky a church had opened so late to provide shelter for all the stranded people. A local grocery store also opened and donated food for everyone. It was a Christmas miracle and we will be making a donation to that church. It was a possiblilty that The Lover would have had to stay the night in his van. Oh and did I mention his phone battery was dying? Luckily, he went to other cars and someone had a compatible charger.

The boys and I went to bed and SURPRISE! The Lover had made it home by 400 AM on Christmas morning. I almost cried. He slept for 3 hours and woke up in time to see the boys open their gifts from Santa. It had snowed a foot, I believe. That is a lot for Oklahoma standards. We were going to go to the In-Laws' house for dinner but decided it was best to reschedule for Saturday morning instead. And we also canceled my side's dinner on Christmas day for Saturday evening.

12/25- Big Boy developed a fever as Baby Boy was feeling better. Big Boy's fever, at the highest, was 104.3 that day. He didn't eat and he was so lethargic. We thought we would have to brave the weather, dig out the truck and take him to the ER. The pediatrician on call assured us as long as his fever went down with Tylenol, he was drinking plenty of fluids and using the restroom, he would be ok. He is just now snapping out of it but thank goodness he IS better. He looks like he lost tons of weight but no more fever.

Needless to say, I was glad for Monday morning. I am off until Wednesday but The Lover and I were able to run errands together today and it was nice. I am so glad the holidays are over! Too much drama for me! I think I mentioned it before but I was unable to run or even do work outs at home last week and I didn't pay attention to eating healthy. I could tell I wasn't feeling myself and just all bloaty and lazy.

So, I declare that it is BACK ON TRACK time starting today! How was your holiday? Hopefully much better than mine!

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