Friday, December 18, 2009

My eyes were bigger than my tummy

Mid-morning snack:

  • A lovely orange
I ran a few errands at lunch and felt pretty hungry but I wasn't.

  • Healthy Choice Italian Wedding Soup (ate 2/3 of can)
  • apple (ate all but 4 slices)
  • Wheat Thins (ate all of these!)
I prefer making my lunch instead of using pre-packaged meals but when you're in a pinch, you do what you have to do! Out of all the "diet" (I hate that word) brands out there, I prefer Healthy Choice. Most brands use sodium to make up for lack of flavor but Healthy Choice is pretty good about keeping the sodium levels low. It's also not so calorie-dense so I usually eat the whole can - minus the can (ha!).

Look what I found in my stocking at work!

Cute Christmas socks and a bunch of mini dark chocolate Kit Kats. I promptly ate two and put the others in my co-workers' stockings. :)

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