Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh, how I love Fridays!

Happy Friday, everyone! I am jazzed that it is Friday and I am so ready for the weekend.

My morning started off well with Baby Boy in the best mood. He had us all laughing. It makes for a great way to start the day. After cleaning a diaper blowout from both  Baby Boy and his high chair, I hurried to get us all ready.  Baby Boy decided to have a melt down at about 715 AM. He typically does this when he wakes up earlier than 630 AM. It makes the last 15 minutes at the house very stressful. I always feel calmer when we are on the road.

Sorry for my lack of dinner post last night. I forgot my camera but we went to dinner with Nana. I had:
  • small cheeseburger w/ lettuce, tomato, pickles & mustard
  • fries (two handfuls maybe?)
  • a bite of Big Boy's corndog
I also had this for dessert when we got home:

  • caramel corn! Times three. :)
It is important to remember that you can have food that you crave, just eat in moderation. I do not have cheeseburgers and fries on a regular basis. If I crave it, I will have it and not kick myself after eating it. It took me a VERY long time to realize that it is ok to have certain foods without thinking "Oh my gosh. I am a fat pig!" First of all, that type of negative thinking is so detrimental. We, as women, have so much to stress about. Why add low self-esteem to the mix?

My eats of the morning:

  • My usual oatmeal w/ 5 chopped almonds. I was in the mood for something crunchy.
  • a banana that needed to be eaten ASAP
  • caffeine free herbal tea
  • glucosamine chondroitin
On the way to work, I noticed a car driving by and a little girl had her head hanging out of the window next to a dog. It would have been cute if she had been in her car seat.  When people don't put their children in a car seat/seat belt (depending on age and weight), it angers me. Yes, I call the police.

See you at lunch!

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