Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some runs are tougher than others

My training plan called for a 6 mile tempo run yesterday and I did 3 miles instead.  I wasn't feeling it AT ALL.  Today was to be my 2 mile recovery run.  I tacked on a mile from yesterday's run.  It was still rough.  My guess is I get pretty run down from donating blood and that is what happened last time as well.  EEEK. 

I used to really beat myself up for shortening my work outs or runs but seriously, you can't be super jazzed about it all the time.  I have had fantastic long 8 mile runs and the next run would kill me and it was 2 miles.

Afternoon eats:

I had a super late lunch due to a long meeting:

My lunch was:
  • ham sandwich on whole wheat bread
  • baby carrots
  • spinach
  • 1 tablespoon of garlic hummus (divine!)
I was ready to eat my arm off after that meeting.  I could not get back to my office quick enough.  And for a little sweet treat:

A lovely piece of chocolate in the shape of a Christmas light! It was so-so.

Do you have struggle through some of your workouts/runs?  What do you do to over come that "blah" feeling?

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