Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ahhh, Sweet Vacation!

Morning! I'm blogging from the comfort of my home this morning. Ahhhh! The Lover let me sleep in until 715 AM (so sweet!) and took the boys to daycare. I took my sweet time getting around and sipping on my necessary coffee. The Lover took me to breakfast and I went to town on an avacado, tomato and Swiss cheese omelette with home fries on the side. I had exactly half of what is shown.

And the homemade bread with peach jelly (x2)  is out of this world!

We have gone through our bedroom, Baby Boy's room, the bathrooms and the living room for garage sale/trash items. Big Boy's room and the kitchen are going to be major accomplishments when we knock that out. It's nice getting rid of stuff but at the same time, the memories tied to the items makes it tough to part with them.

We hope to surprise Big Boy with a bunk bed some time this week as well! And of course, get some training in. Have a happy hump day!

Do you have a tough time getting rid of things?

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  1. I started decluttering about 3 years ago. And then we had to sell our house and move, so thankfully a lot of the clutter ws already gone. But we had to clean out the garage and that took 2 dumpsters!! Plus stuff that went to goodwill. Hubby doesn't like to throw anything away. In fact he often comes home with stuff other people have put at the curb! I can't stand it. Read peter walsh's book about decluttering your life. It'll change how you look at all that "stuff" you collect but never actually see til you clean out the closet or basement, etc. :)