Monday, March 15, 2010

To Tweet Or Not Tweet?

Check out my Mother Love product review at the end of the post!

Work has been sailing smoothly. Playing catch up is always fun, isn't it? Overall, I didn't have a ton of voicemail and only about 60 emails so not too shabby! I wish the pile of filing had magically diminished but no luck. I seriously detest filing but it's a necessary evil!

My huge brekkie held me over through the morning. I decided to run a tad bit earlier than usual today since I had a 130 PM meeting scheduled. Even though I was still stiff from yesterday's run, it felt good to get my 3 miler in. My legs loosened up quickly and it felt great. I got a good sweat on. Don't you love that? I hit the groove early and that always makes for wonderful running sesh!

Lunch was great! Big Sis recommended I try a pear and cheese sandwich since I love the apple and cheese combo so much.

  • 1 sliced pear
  • farmer cheese
  • WW pita
  • 3 carrots
  • hummus on the side
I really did like the combo of pear and cheese! It would have been better if I had been able to toast my pita but those are the breaks. For dessert, I had a mini-tower of GS mint thins. So delish . . .

Mother Love Product Review

Mother Love sent me products from their organic and cruelty free line to review in February. I know it's been awhile since I received the More Milk Plus, Nipple Cream and Diaper Rash & Thrush Cream. However, I wanted to give the More Milk Plus some time to work :0). Let me break it down for ya!

More Milk Plus - I think every nursing mother has worried about supply at some point. I know I have. Even though Baby Boy is older, I wanted to give it a whirl. I saw an immediate increase in milk production within two days, over two weeks saw a total increase of 1 oz each side with pumping.

Nipple Cream - Because I am not a new nursing mom, I didn't feel like my review on the product would be a real review. However, Big Sis had recently had her second baby and I knew she was having nursing/nipple issues. Her words, "Non-greasy, light, but instant relief!! Kept breast pad from sticking also helped form an airtight seal on pump. Plus that it didn't have to be wiped off. (helped the healing process, since wiping would cause more friction & more pain!) I even used it on my dry, cracked knuckles, wonderful protectant!" Sounds like her boobies were happy after using the cream!

Diaper Rash & Thrush - I was lucky enough to not have had thrush but diaper rash? I know you well. Or should I say, Baby Boy knows you well. The cream has a pleasant smell, non-sticky or greasy. Cleared up the rash on Baby Boy within two applications. For you mamas that have had babies with diaper rash, you know that it is so heartbreaking to see their discomfort. Clearing up diaper rash within two applications? Amazing!

My overall opinion? Give Mother Love a whirl, ladies! I know both Big Sis and I are in love.

So Tweeting is the in thing. I've been wondering if I should sign up for some time now. It seems that it would increase readership on my bloggie and of course, who doesn't want more readership?

So what do you think, Bloggers? Has it been a great tool for you?


  1. I tried tweeting, but it just wasn't for me honestly. But then again, I wasn't that great at it either.

  2. I've used twitter, but not connected to my blog. I honestly don't post that much anymore but read the tweets of the people I follow all the time. I follow alot of companies and brands and its a good way to keep up with sales and special deals going on.

  3. I just started tweeting my blog posts and I find that it helps! I think I Saw you are following me now, I need to go on there and follow you! I think it can't hurt!