Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Whew! It's pretty warm in the OK-Sizzle today! Currently 72 degrees (LOVE IT) but the wind is blowing at 25 mph. Killer.

So this morning both boys were in great moods. It makes for a wonderful day, I'm tellin' ya. The only glitch  was when Baby Boy planted his foot in his toxic diaper. Big Boy had a big laugh over that. It was pretty funny but gross.

Can you guess what I had for breakfast? Yep, a GM fixed the usual way. I know it's boring but it is really satisfying and holds me over for hours! Not only that but it takes almost no time to make and travels well. I do the the occasional green speck in my teeth but that's why I keep a toothbrush at work. Haha.

My run was a little earlier than usual today. I kept it indoors since the wind was a bit crazy and I wanted to last longer than a 1/4 mile before hacking. I did super well until the 2 mile mark. I thought I would be fancy and throw some speedwork in there and that was my downfall. I kept up the speedwork with a few breaks to cough catch my breath.  I got 4 miles in today and it was a nice and sweaty sesh!

Lunch is super simple and satisfying.

  • apple & Swiss sammich
  • cukes & tomato salad on the side
There is an oily shine to my bread because I nuked the cheese for a tad too long. Oops! I brought some grapes for dessert but they may have to be for a snack later.

Onto my dilemma: For you Blogger users, do you have issues with your pictures uploading correctly? Yesterday, I had so many issues! Not only that but on a daily basis, Blogger turns my pics sideways even when it was uploaded from my camera correctly.

I've also noticed that when I comment on Wordpress users' blogs, no issue. I've been told that when people try to comment on mine, they are prompted to sign up for a Google account. Annoying!

Anyhoo, what do you think? Blogger or Wordpress? I am tempted to switch! OK off to fix my hot mess of a face and hair before my meeting. Have a faboosh day!


  1. It is SO nice outside today, minus the dang wind. Im trying to focus on the nice sunny warm temps though.

    And I like Wordpress--Ive never had an issue. And likey ou said, I hate commenting on blogger blogs--its annoying and sometimes makes me not want to. I usually do it anyways, but I don't like it.

  2. I am also having issues with blog photo uploading. I don't like the new uploader. Don't you just love the GM in the morning? I feel lost on days I don't make one... LOL

  3. I used Blogger and liked it a lot. I was new to the blogging world and it was a good intro. But I didn't like the style of blogger. I switched to Wordpress and love the options I have now!