Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm Hongree!

What is the deal today? I have been non-stop ravenous. At about 1000 AM, I had part of this yummy Amazing Grass berry bar. Oh. My. Yum. I am quickly becoming addicted to AG products.

An hour later, my tummy was rumbling again! So I had the other half of the AG berry bar and two cuties. I think these are the last of the mega bag we bought.

Donna and I sprinted to the gym. It was drizzling and quite chilly. We got our run on and let me tell ya, I totally do not love running on the "dreadmill." It used to do the trick for me but running outside is my preference. The 3 miles seemed like they were snail's pace. I even did some speedwork, hoping it would make the time pass faster. Finally, I bumped my speed up to 8.5 - this is almost yakking point for me lol. When it was time to head back to the office, the rain was really coming down. A couple wonderful co-workers picked us up in a golf cart. We still got soaked but not "wet t-shirt" level ;0).

Lunch was so satisfying!

Boca burger + farmers cheese + asparagus = AH-MAY-ZING! I've never heard of farmers cheese but it's a white cheese that has a mild flavor. So good! I had super sweet grapes on the side. They look a bit like olives . . .  Side view of my heaven sammich.

The asparagus was leftover from last night's din. I roasted them in the oven at 500 degrees for 10 minutes. They were lightly coated with butter and sprinkling of salt. So simple!

No clue what I'm whipping up for dinner. Ideas? Anyone? Do you plan ahead on meals or just wing it?


  1. Another Oklahoman huh?! Whoohoo. Where at in Oklahoma? You enjoying all this rain today??

    My go to dinner when I need something easy is a taco salad. YUM.

    As far as planning my meals, I usually have a general idea, but I dont ever set anything in stone.

  2. I could so do without this rain! We're kickin' it in OKC lol!

  3. i plan ahead during the week b/c i have to pack my food to bring to work - otherwise i just wing it! your meals look yum-maay!