Friday, March 12, 2010

Stick a Fork In Me

I. Am. Done. Well, It's over for today anyway! We shut down the big G-Sale at 430 PM. Nana picked the boys up from school and Big Boy had to do a quick survey of toys that were no longer there. The Lover and I have a good laugh. The expression on his face was hilarious. One of our customers was a Girl Scout mama so The Lover flagged her down as she was getting ready to leave. I needed some cookies!

My favorites are Samoas and Thin Mints. I promptly had a few Samoas.

About an hour later I had some Thin Mints.

Both of my wonderful sisters stopped by for a visit. The time passes much faster when you have your awesome sisters with ya! Plus, Big Sis brought Baby Nephew over to hang with his Aunt Retta. Big Nephew came after he got out of school. He loves his Aunt Retta. They are so sweet!

Big Boy decided to pack his Diego backpack and hit the road with Nana. It was kind of funny. I guess he thought he could sneak by us without us noticing? Crazy kid! I think The Lover is taking me out for Mexican food tonight. After that, I'll be so ready to hit the sack!

We are thinking of doing only half a day of G-Sale action tomorrow. I need to enjoy the rest of my vacation! Oh and after the 11 miler yesterday, I am still feeling a bit of stiffness so I need a serioush sesh of yoga to stretch my leggies. They were stiff when I woke up this morning and it's gotten better but I still feel tons of tightness in my left knee. I'm hobbling like Peg Leg Retta. Argh, I be a pirate!


  1. Yum! I love Samoas! I didnt get any this year looks like I will have to raid my parents house next time I am home!

  2. I have about 6 boxes of GS cookies that I bought. Luckily, I haven't found them very good this year. Go figure. But hubby and son have liked them a lot! As for your son seeing some toys old is he? Does he help you sort through them? I find that it helps (sometimes) when my six year-old son can get rid of some "old" toys to make room for "new" ones. And the old toys will be going to a new home, where a child who doesn't have a lot of toys will enjoy them. He seems to be more open to getting rid of things then. And speaking of Mexican food, I've been wanting that for days and I think I'll make hubby take me tonight. He's not a big fan of Mexican food, but he'll be happy with fajitas. :) Wish I had time to read your blog more often!