Tuesday, March 2, 2010

5:00 PM Already?

Evening, folks! I looked up from my work and it was time for my pre-work out snack! Can't complain about that! I had a pear and a cutie.

About an hour after my snack, I realized I was way too swamped to get in my planned strength sesh. I had to quickly get over the guilt and get back to business. I know I will make up for it later this week and honestly, if I don't make it up, skipping one session is not going to kill me!

A couple hours later, hunger hit me hardcore.

It consisted of mainly leftovers:
  • Flat Out wrap (last one! Boohoo!)
  • roasted tofu from Sunday night
  • spinach
  • hummus
  • carrots
  • black beans
Wraps are so easy and fun. You can get so creative with them!

I worked my way through my afternoon snack and before I knew it, it was time to go get my little dudes.

I thought I'd share a pic of my leftovers! I know, it sounds weird and gross but with fruits and veggies (and tea leaves!), I save the stuff I don't eat during the day for our compost. We have been doing our own compost for our veggie/fruit garden but recently got a real compost bin. Before that, we've used one that The Lover built. He is very handy and has a green thumb!

We feel better about making our own fertilizer rather than buying it. Plus, it makes our veggies organic! He doesn't use pesticides or anything. We are pumped getting the garden started.

Do you have a veggie/fruit garden? What do you typically plant?


  1. That is awesome that you compost your leftovers. We need to get a real compost bin, our sorry self built one was a major fail.

    Until we get more of backyard, I just grow a few things in pots on our deck during the summer. I mainly just do herbs & tomatoes, we belong to a summer & fall CSA and we get loads of veggies from that!

  2. I'm hoping to do a few veggies this year in some deck planters since we rent and can't really tear up the yard. Plus it'll be easier to maintain and my little man can supervise.