Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Awww yeah! T minus 2 hours until I am on vacation until next Monday! I'm doing the Roger Rabbit (mentally). I have tons of work to knock out first so this will be a quickie.

Check this out:
These were Big Boy's first boots and they were passed on to Baby Boy. I thought about selling them (very briefly) but I got choked up so no way . I can't do it.

Pre-run snack-a-roo was an apple and Artisana's cashew butter.

The butter was nice and creamy. Out of all the butters I've tried so far, the walnut one is my favorite! I wasn't a huge fan of the almond butter. The cashew went well with my apple and was a great pre-run snack.

Miss D and I set out on our run today so excited. The sun was shining and though the wind was pretty strong, we weren't stuck on the dread treadmill so woohoo! I wish I had brought my cell with me so I could have timed myself. I felt like I started off really strong and was running at a great pace. :0) I love runs like that.

We did lots of chatting during Mile 3 so I suggested we sprint part of the way. She said, "This is my sprint! Don't you recognize a sprint when you see one?" She so funny! She make me laugh long time. (Hi Donna!)

Lunch was exactly the same as my dinner from last night.

I stuffed those pita halves to bursting capacity! Is it weird that I use the Baby Boy's food containers and plasticware? They are the perfect portion sizes, I tell ya.

Total tangent here but I'm listening to this on-line radio station that plays hits from 2000 until present. I'm digging it! Totally makes me jam in my office and I get funny looks but I'm rockin'! Give it a whirl: http://player.play.it/player/aolPlayer.html?v=4.10.47&ur=1&us=1&id=2223

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  1. I love Pandora for listening at work. I know people think I'm crazy.