Sunday, March 21, 2010


Good morning! It's a gorgeous day. The sun is shining and although there is snow on the ground and it looks very chilly, I am just loving the sun. We may venture out today. Whoop, whoop!

I set my alarm for 630 AM this morning but for some reason, it didn't go off. I hate that. Unless it went off and I turned it off without remembering? That seems more likely haha. Baby Boy seemed kind of feverish over night so we're keeping an eye on him. He's still playing and being cah-razy so hopefully it's teething.

Because of my new waffle maker (thanks, Lover!), breakfast was a hit. I've never made waffles before and it's more time consuming than pancakes but it was a super welcome change.

I really need different plates but I so love this one. My brekkie consisted of:

  • 2.5 waffles (had to test the first batch :0))
  • 2 eggs
  • grapes
  • plum
  • 2T pumpkin puree & 1t shredded coconut
I had almost all of everything except the plum. I'll save it for a snack later. OK, The Lover is giving me the "eye" so time to log off and hang with the fam. Have a faboosh day and hopefully it will be a productive one!

Ch-ch-check ya later!

1 comment:

  1. Those waffles and eggs look awesome. Hmmm...might have to have a scrambled egg sammie for lunch.
    Have a great day!!