Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Day With The Lover

Ahhh . . . such a relaxing day! After a trip, no matter how long or short, I always feel like I need a day to recuperate from the actual trip. Anyone else?

I didn't really have a lunch. Around lunch time, I had a half cup of Oikos vanilla yogurt with 1/4 cup of pumpkin flaxseed granola. I love Greek yogurt but they are a bit expensive. Thanks to Stonyfield for hooking me up with some coupons! We decided to hit Academy, the grocery store and Sam's for essentials. At Sam's, I had a huge soft pretzel with no salt or butter. I am a sucker for soft pretzels. I didn't take a pic but trust me, it was large and in charge. I had a hunk of amazing, multi-grain baguette we got from the stizore.

I know, I 'll quit doing the "iz" thing. I'm only like, 5 years late on that.

Dinner was incredible!

Side view:

Nom, nom, nom! I had a Boca burger on the multi-grain bagueete with spinach, white cheddah cheese and apple slices. The cheese was all melty and so good! The rest of the apple and grapes were on the side. Big Boy snatched my grapes when I left my plate unattended. Oops.

Time to get things ready for tomorrow and also get fresh sheets on the bed. Nothing like crawling into a freshly made bed! Night and I'll see ya tomorrow when I return to reality!

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