Friday, February 19, 2010

Raise The Roof For Friday!

Mo'nin! I am SO glad it's Friday! I'm jamming at my desk. Thank goodness for on-line radio! WHAT! Let's start with a recap from last night.

Baby Boy has been throwing these cah-razy tantrums for the past three nights. It's insane. He is typically very easy going and is totally like The Lover. He just goes with flow, is always smiling . . . but my baby has gone bat poop nutty. After 30 minutes of hoopla, he's all better. Like nothing happened. Hopefully it's teething!

For dinner, I had Amy's Chunky Tomato Bisque.

My din-din included:
  • 1 cup of soup
  • 1 sammie thin
  • 3 - 4 sliced mushrooms
  • spinach
  • cheese crumbles

I added some 'shrooms and cheese crumbles to the soup and had a cheese, 'shroom and spinach sammie on the side. Let me tell you, this din rocked my face off! The soup was awesome!

All together:

This morning, the boys were wonderful. I love mornings like this! For some reason, I woke up pretty darn hungry so I had half a toasted sammie thin with smudges of Artisana's coconut butter and cacao bliss (didn't see this on their site). The cacao bliss is kind of like a chocolate butter. I should have taken a pic of the jar!

DROOL-worthy! It was perfect to take the edge off my hunger. Typically, I don't wake up hungry. That's why taking my brekkie to work is perfect. By the time I get to work and get settled, hunger usually kicks in.

For my actual breakfast, I had a ferosh Green Monsta!

My GM contained:
  • 1 Tablespoon ground flax
  • 2 huge handfuls of spinach
  • 1 banana
  • 1.25 cups rice milk (my new love!)
  • 1 Tablespoon shredded coconut
The coconut added a little somethin'-somethin'. It was delish! OK I must get to work. Today promises to be a busy day! Donna and I are also hitting the outdoors for a run. We're working on getting her accustomed to running outside. It's so different and more challenging than the 'mill. Have a fantastic morning!

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