Monday, February 15, 2010


I had my nose to the grindstone until my tummy started talking to me at 1100 AM. I decided to try one of Amazing Grass' protein bars. Oh and two ibuprofen because my head was killing me.

The color on the inside was not what I was expecting but I quickly got over that because it was delicious! Seriously, PB and chocolate? I am so there! I'm saving the other half for another day. It is a bit calorie dense (270 for the entire bar) but it made a great pre-run snack.

After munching on the bar, I headed out for a 4 mile run. It felt wonderful! Some runs really suck but this one did not. I enjoyed myself. Once I got back, I was stah-ving. Donna wanted me to try apples dipped in hummus so I had two slices of apple with hummus. No pic sorry. It was a strange combo but it worked! I really liked it.

My lunch was gooooood!

I had the other half of my Amy's Spanish Rice & Red Bean soup. Yep, still amazing. In case you were wondering, the can looks like this and also check out the nutritional information. On the side, I had some multi-grain tortilla chips and salsa. I'm sure the chips weren't the healthiest but still love it!

Back to the grind! Thirteen days until Monster Jam. Big Boy can barely contain himself. Oh and speaking of that little stinker . . . he is at the age that he is wiping my kisses off. The thunder-like sound you just heard was my heart breaking. :0)

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