Monday, February 15, 2010

Pancake Monday

Good morning! Super sorry for the lack of posting this weekend. I decided I really wanted to spend time with all three of my boys and also my fur-boys. Saturday was so nice outside that we did our errands and really, made up excuses so we could be outside! I did manage to get in a sesh of 30 Day Shred. It's been about two weeks since I've done a strength workout of any kind so I was sore. In a good way. The Lover, Big Boy and I did some golf practice in the back yard.  We worked on our driving and chipping practice with a practice golf ball. I was also able to catch up on Lost and Vampire Diaries. O.M.G. So good!!

Sunday was 32 degrees! I don't understand the weather all. That was a 30 degree difference from Saturday! We decided to go out for breakfast and again, ran some errands. Instead of going to our usual grocery store, we went to Super Target. I love Super Target! Though the prices were higher, there was more of a selection and they even had things I had a hard time finding at the health food store. I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found Stonyfield's Oikos yogurt and also the Flat Out wraps. I've been looking for those everywhere.

I've really been slacking on my halfie training so this week is back on track time! I've been worried about peaking too early but I still need to log my miles and work on my speed. I may not have 9 minute miles by the time the marathon rolls around but I'd love to work on my speed regardless!

So my plans for the week:

Monday - 4 miles easy
Tuesday - strength
Wednesday - 8 mile tempo
Thursday - 3 mile easy/strength
Friday - strength
Saturday - 10 miles

My brekkie this morning rocked my face off!

Check out the mountain of fruity goodness. Two silver dollar pancakes, about 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese, sliced bananan and strawberries. DROOL.

Is it just me or do you also like the sore feeling after working out? Also, don't forget to enter the Newman's Own Organics giveaway!


  1. I LOVE the soreness after working out! Everyone always thinks I'm crazy for liking it. But I'm glad I'm not alone! lol I don't know why, but it just feels good.

  2. i definitely like the soreness after working out (as long as it's not too bad!) I complain about it, but really i like it :)

  3. Looks so yummy! Almost looks worth the carbs (for me, on Atkins)!