Friday, February 12, 2010

Surprise Lunch Date

I was just working away when I got a text from The Lover and that he had gotten off work early. How nice! We decided to meet for lunch and swap vehicles since he would be picking up the boys. Again, I have to say that I'm a lucky girl. Instead of relaxing on this sunny day, The Lover will pick up Baby Boy from Nana's and later, Big Boy from daycare. We met at a pizza place that is down the street from the office. I ordered a small cheese pizza.

Just the way I like it! Very light on the tomato sauce and cheese. It was delish! I had three slices. I also had this for dessert.
Mmmm . . . hot fudge sundae with nuts and whip cream. Unfortunately, I was just too full and ate 1/4 of it and threw the rest away. Don't worry. I made sure I ate all the nuts off first!

After eating the pizza and sundae, I realized I was supposed to cut dairy from my diet. Oops. Baby Boy is still nursing and it's best he doesn't ingest dairy while he has the tummy bug. Evidently a tummy virus and dairy don't mix. He won't be happy about that but maybe I can distract him with something else. In case you were wondering, breast milk is not dairy. Interesting factoid, huh?

My run will have to wait. I think I seriously need a new pair of shoes. I've put many miles on my current pair and I'm really feeling it. (Hint, hint to The Lover!)

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  1. How is breast milk not dairy? Crazy the things you learn!

    That sundae looks incredible. I can't even remember the last time I had one and at least for now, am temporarily dairy-free so it might be a long time.

  2. oh that pizza looks too good! LOVE IT :)

  3. Erin - It IS crazy lol. Human milk has human lactose which is different from bovine lactose. Humans with lactose intolerance have issues with dairy from cows. Bovine lactose does pass through breast milk so it affects babies with lactose intolerance.

    Excuse me while I adjust my pocket protector. JK!!