Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spaghetti Arms

Before my iron pumping sesh, I had the other half of my Amazing Grass chocolate & PB bar from yesterday. You must try these! Yummy. I had it an hour before my work out and it was perfect.

As I was changing into my gym duds, I noticed I have candy canes imprinted on my leg. I think my socks are a little snug lol.

This is me excited to try a new work out!

This is me, not as excited anymore.

Donna was also not as excited once we got going.

We got our booties handed to us. Our "trainer" was a fellow co-worker that worked our upper bodies and I requested a booty firming exercise. 'Twas no joke! We'll be doing strength on Tuesdays and Thursdays now. It's easy to let strength work outs slide and I always have to remind myself that incorporating them will make me a stronger runner.

We jogged back to the office and our legs were quivering! We'll be sore tomorrow but it will be a good kind!

For lunch, I had a few bites of chips and queso. Oh my drool! I finally had to toss it or I would continue to much on that yumminess.

My real lunch was exactly what I had been craving: an apple and Swiss sammie. I had everything but the tomato.


  1. I'm like you: totally psyched to try a new workout, until I start and then I'm not quite so excited. Funnily enough, almost as soon as I'm done I feel great again.
    Unfortunately, thought, I haven't done *any* type of workout for a while and it's beginning to get to me.

  2. i love hitting a new workout. mine have been getting a bit stale lately.