Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mediocre Run on a Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day! It's super sunny and currently upper 40s. Perfect running weather! Donna had a lunch date so I was on my own today. I knew I wanted to run outside so I went with the outdoor route we tried on Monday. Before the run, I had a lovely banana.

It wasn't my best run. I really felt my energy lagging. Not sure what that was about but it sucked! I eked out 4.5 miles. Didn't make my 5 mile goal but I knew I didn't have it in me. I was hungry and really, not all that happy lol. I did get a good sweat on and that does make me happy.

My lunch was all about the leftovers from last night.

Salad with baby carrots and cheddar crumbles. I also had some WW cous cous that I had prepared with veggie broth, green onions, diced mushrooms and diced garlic. I'm pretty sure this will not last very long!

Sorry for the shortie post but I have a meeting in a bit. Have a good one!

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  1. Looks yummy! I keep meaning to give making cous cous a whirl, but have yet to attempt it.