Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm a Lucky Girl!

Morning! Baby Boy is almost 100%. He slept in late and is still a tad clingy but we were puke free all night! I was a tad concerned that he had a dry diaper this morning even after nursing a couple times last night. I think his body is just a bit dehydrated with getting sick so many times yesterday and will take a little time to get back to normal. We have our fingers crossed that Big Boy doesn't catch the bug! The Lover definitely did all the hard work yesterday. He's so awesome. I have stars in my eyes right now lol.

This morning was pretty much picture perfect. Both boys slept in a little bit, I watched an episode of The Vampire Diaries from January 28th while putting on my face . . . it was great! I love that show! I don't care if it's targeted for a younger audience - as is Twilight but I love that too! Out of the shows I DVR, I decided to take The Biggest Loser off the list. It coincides with Lost and Retta cannot live without Lost! I still haven't watched it from last week so I do have a maxxed out DVR right now but one of these days, I will catch up. Possibly this weekend since The Lover may be working. Boo!

The bag Amy's sent me makes a great lunch bag! I loaded it with yummy eats for the day.

For breakfast, I decided to go with Amazing Grass' Green Super Food.

I added it to my Green Monster. Check out the list of ingredients here. Because there is flax in it, I did without the ground flax in the GM.

My GM contained:
  • 1 packet of Green Super Food
  • 2 cups of spinach
  • 1.5 cups of almond milk
  • 1 banana
  • 2 cups of ice
Add to blender in the order listed, liquefy and you're good to go. I was a little nervous about how the Super Food would taste because it does smell like grass! Because of the banana's sweetness, you really can't taste it at all! So far, so good!

I'll leave you with some facts about The Lover:
  • His paternal grandparents met on a blind date, as did his parents. We also met on a blind date!
  • He can fly a single engine plane and I used to go on flights with him. It was so fun.
  • He's afraid of heights.
  • He is super supportive of my running and watches the boys on my long runs.
  • Though he doesn't understand a lot of things in the Vietnamese culture, he does his best to learn.
  • He does a lot of laundry and even hang dries my clothes.
  • He puts up with my high maintenance ways. :0)
  • He always puts his family first.
I am a lucky girl! I have an 8 mile tempo run planned today. I swear I am going to get started on strength again soon. I have been slacking so badly in that department.

What makes your spouse/significant other so special?

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  1. How cool to have that history of blind dates. I've never even been on a blind date! Sounds like you found a great guy. :D