Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Badge of Honor

I was super excited to leave work and tackle the 8 miles! The weather was perfect for running - no wind, sunny, 50s . . . amazing! I almost left work without my MP3 player but luckily remembered before I drove off. When I got home, I realized I had left my running shoes at work! NOOOOO! Instead of skipping  the run, I said "To hell with it" and went with another pair of shoes. They are supposed to be running shoes but they SUCK. I didn't want to let a little ol' pair of shoes stop me so off I went. Things were pretty good until Mile 4. I took a Gu shot and realized the Sucky Shoes were rubbing both my arches. I was motivated to keep going because well, I needed to get home. I did a bit more walking than I wanted to. Those shoes were the devil! I just pushed through the pain the last 2 miles. Once I got home, I peeled off my socks and saw a huge quarter-sized blister on both my arches. Ouch. At lest I wasn't bleeding! I did try to take pics but my point-and-shoot was not cooperating.

I've been told that toenails that fall off and other running mishaps are considered badges of honor but the blisters, I could have done without!

Post run snacks were a handful of NOO dried berry mix and two handfuls of Target's chickadees.

Dinner was easy and simple! I was craving carbs and was super hongreeeee.

My dinner was:
  • sliced tomato
  • pesto wheat spaghetti (x2 - told ya I was hungry!)
  • crusty bread (x3 - I'm a sucka for bread)
  • a serving of grilled tilapia
For dessert, I had NOO ginger Hermit soft cookies (x2). OMG. So good.

I seriously need to work on my portion sizes. I measure out most things and eat healthy serving sizes but something about the longer runs . . . I am an endless pit of hunger!

The boys are bathed, lunch and breakfast are ready for tomorrow . . . time to get cozy and watch George Lopez and The Nanny on Nick at Nite.

Night, all!


  1. Two of my favorite things: Pesto and Hermit cookies! Delicious.
    Portion control is hardest when you're starving. And you work your butt off! Enjoy!

  2. All I can say is Ouch! Are you getting new running shoes now? And, please, no pics of the blisters or toenails when they fall off. :) We'll take your word for it. lol!

  3. Those chickadees look great!
    Sorry about the blisters! OUCH!