Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LOST starts tonight!

I am squealing with excitment that the Lost season premiere is tonight! Unfortunately, it is on the same time as Biggest Loser and our DVR only allows two recordings at once. It will also prevent you from changing the channel. Boo! I will probably not be able to watch it until the weekend though. My boys tend to hog the tube so it's usually Spongebob, Wow Wow Wubbzy and Blue's Clues non-stop.

I got in a 2.5 mile run before lunch. My training schedule called for 5 miles but honestly, after being on a weather-induced hiatus for a week, I was dying. My right instep and calf were screaming at me. Also, there was a wait on the 'mills so I didn't want to be rude and hog the thing for more than 30 minutes. I did run back from the gym to the office and it is about 1/4 mile. Yay for that! Before heading out for my run, I had some Jasmine tea. It's loose leaf tea and smells heavenly. I thought I would be clever and wrap the leaves in a coffee filter. It did work but I had to squeeze the make-shift bag every so often. I felt like I was "milking" it. :0) And it tore.

My lunch was cool and refreshing:
Yumm. Cream cheese (non-fat) and cuke sammie and a sweet pear on the side. It's been ages since I had a pear. I need to take a break from apples and have pears!

Since today is Big Boy's birthday, we are taking him to Incredible Pizza for food and fun. I can't wait to see his face when he sees it. He thinks Chuck E. Cheese is cool but he won't after he steps foot into Incredible Pizza. I bet he doesn't eat because he'll want to explore.


  1. It seems like all the bloggers are Lost fans but I never got into it -- Biggest Loser all the way!

  2. How are you enjoying Lost this season? This week's epi was waaaay better than the last week's epi I thought. But now I'm addicted to the Olympics! It's nice having the TiVo; I can pause tv, change the channel to watch Lost, then go back to the olympics or whatever else! Isn't technology amazing? And addictive! Keep up the great work with your runs! It's nice having another mom out here who blogs about healthy living without being preachy and anal about it. :)