Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hung Over!

Not me, the boys! They had so much fun last night at Incredible Pizza. We thought Big Boy was going to explode from excitement overload. It was darn cute. First, The Lover picked him up early from school and they went to get ice cream. Then they had to cool their heels until I got off work and we immediately went to Incredible Pizza to meet up with Nana and Papa for the birthday festivities. He barely ate anything and was ready to go play games. We had to tell him to calm down and eat a few times but how do you tell a 4 year old to calm down when there is a sensory overload going on?

Honestly, my eats were so not healthy but it was a lot of fun! I ate almost all of my salad. There was blue cheese dressing on the side to dip my fork in.

I was not impressed by their pizza. That's not good since they are a pizza place. But, the cheese bread was yum. I had two slices of cheese bread a few bites of the other things shown. They were "eh." Even Baby Boy did not like it. The meatless choices were limited.

The dessert pizza was good though! Hmm. . . I am certain I took a pic but can't find it. I had a slice of cherry pizza and a slice of apple. The apple was awesome! When we left, I also got this (times 1.5):

Soft serve is so yummy. My tummy was bursting by the time we got home and we were all zombies. His birthday party is Saturday and we'll be having more pizza and a Transformers cake!

The house needs a serious cleaning session but more than likely I will do a little bit here and there until it's guest worthy. Of course, the boys will probably be little tornadoes behind me undoing all the cleaning :0).

This morning, I really wanted some oatmeal but went with a Green Monster instead because it's so quick and easy. According to a fellow blogger, you're supposed to ground up the flax seeds so I did (in a coffee bean grinder) and it blended up very nicely.
I'm pumping myself up for a 5 miler today. Time to get my booty back on track and work on my fitness! Hope you have a great day!

Do you clean "as you go" or do you prefer to devote a day to intense cleaning?

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