Thursday, January 7, 2010

Deer Chili? Not in this body!

The Lover is hell bent on making deer chili for dinner tonight. We live in Oklahoma and game hunting is pretty big. I've never been around it until I met The Lover. He himself doesn't hunt anymore but he used to and we also have neighbors that hunt. They are wonderful people (don't you love when you get along with your neighbors?) and we all freely walk into each other's homes. It's pretty nice. Occasionally, we receive gifts from them. We've gotten fresh bass, pheasant and deer. I am all for the bass. It is delicious. And seriously, you cannot complain when it's been scaled, cleaned and frozen. All you have to do is thaw it when you're ready to cook. However, the pheasant and deer are different stories. I could almost stomach the pheasant because it is very chicken-like. People tell me that deer is really healthy and very lean. However, I just cannot and will not be able to eat it. I know it's a total mental thing. Also, I'm leaning more towards becoming a vegetarian that eats seafood and fish. Is there a technical term for that? So he will be making his deer chili tonight and he will have plenty leftover for days.

Before my 2 miler, I had a yummy orange:

I ventured out and WOW. It was freezing. Jogging the 1/4 mile to the gym was pretty brutal when the wind hit. I cranked out 2 miles as fast as I could and jogged back. Yep, still cold. For lunch, I had 2/3 of my left over fried rice. I picked around the chicken and had all but two slices of the apples. Gala apples = juicy sweetness. I don't know how I have never had one in my entire life until late last year. I cannot get enough of those.

One more hour of work and I get to pick up my sweet (and hopefull in a good moods!) boys. I also need to ice my knees. I didn't do it after my longer run yesterday and although I didn't have to work out too many kinks like I normally do, I can defintely feel some stiffness setting in.

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