Sunday, January 3, 2010

Psycho Sunday

While getting ready to get out of the house, Big Boy had a big booboo.

He tripped on Baba's (daddy in Vietnamese) foot and hit his brow on the edge of the doorway. It was terrible and we were stressed out. After visiting an urgent care clinic, we found out they didn't accept our insurance (WTF!) so we went to the local hospital ER. It wasn't a long wait but we knew what was in store for us. Three people had to hold Big Boy down while two (or was it three?) stitches were put in.

There is a big blob on Neosporin on it so it looks funky but it's much better. I'm sure once the numbing cream wears off, there will be some tears. Since he was such a toughie, we took him to McDonald's. I shared this with Baby Boy and The Lover:

The cafe mocha was ALL mine though. It wasn't great but it was freaking chilly outside. After lunch, we went to the grocery store FINALLY. This makes me so happy!

Fresh fruits and veggies. WHOOP. I am trying something new for dinner tonight - stuffed acorn squash. Wish me luck! And more than likely, dinner will involve a glass or two of wine. No parent ever wants to take his/her child to the ER. I have my workout clothes on and will be working some stress off with Jillian!


  1. Poor Ry Guy! Tell him Nene says to get well!
    Loving your blog!

  2. I will definitely tell him! Thanks so much!!