Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wrapper's Delight

Afternoon! The day continues to be busy. Busy is good. It makes the day go by quickly. I think my brain is starting to shut down - already! That can't be good. I could seriously use a cup of joe right now. I swear I get so sleepy about an hour or two after my runs. It doesn't matter what the distance is, I am jazzed for awhile and then my brain tends to go on autopilot. Oops.

Before my run, I had a lovely cup o' apples:

I'm trying to eat a lot of the apples. I made the common mistake of purchasing too much produce. Maybe I should make a pie. Donna and I then set out for our run. She made it to almost 1.5 miles without taking a walk break. Good job, sweets! She has decided to sign up for a 5K leg of our relay team for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. It looks like we'll have at least two teams this year. YAY. I'm going to do the first leg, which is a 10K and finish on my own for the half-marathon. I'm so pumped!

Anyhoo, I got 3 miles in today in 33:30. Not too shabby. It's funny that even shaving off 5 seconds makes me happy. For lunch, I had another wrap. Drool . . .

The beast was huge. My wrap contained:
  • 4 pieces of sliced fried tofu
  • 2/3 sweet potato
  • about 1.5 teaspoons Sabra hummus
  • two handfuls of baby spinach
I didn't realize the tofu had shredded woodear or shitake mushrooms and rice vermicelli in it! The sweet potato got a 3 minute nuke in the microwave until it was soft before piling on the wrap. It would have been great with just 3 pieces of tofu but I wasn't going to let the 4th piece feel left out.

Though the tofu is fried, it's not "heavy" at all. It was a very filling meal. I will have to save the tangerine for later. As it is, I may have to slyly unbutton my top button! Shhh . . . don't tell.

On a different note, I have my first double digit run coming up this Saturday - 10 miles. I'm so nervous! I am thinking of doing my strength routine after work today and take it easy tomorrow so I'll be nice and rested for Saturday. I wonder if it's normal to feel nervous.

Do you get nervous before a long run? If so, how do you deal with the performance anxiety? I'm all nerves right now!

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