Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family Time or Me Time?

It's a major dilemma for me at times. Honestly, I am still struggling to find the balance and dealing with being pulled in different directions is tough. My family always comes first but if I don't get "me" time in, I am a cranky beast. What good am I to my family if I am  cranky? Every day is a challenge and a juggling act. When or if I figure it out, I'll be sure to let you know lol.

I also wanted to add another 2010 commitment to my list. Although I am a newbie blogger, I really am trying to post three times a day and really market the blog. I really want to inspire other mothers out there that it IS possible to take care of yourself and be a mom/wife/working woman. It may not be easy but it's possible! For instance, I am typing this as I am nursing Baby Boy. It's all about multi-tasking haha. I would appreciate any suggestions though.

Yesterday, family time did take precedence over "me" time. We didn't leave the house and we didn't get out of our pajamas all day. I have to admit that it was pretty nice. The grocery situation was stressing me out and because of the lack of groceries, yesterday's eats were interesting:

My afternoon snack:
  • tortilla chips times two
  • about 4 tablespoons salsa
  • about 2 tablespoons queso
My super late lunch was light and refreshing:

  •  Arnold sandwich thin, toasted
  • the remaining diced tomatoes from breakfast
  • sprinkle of cheddar cheese
I toasted the sandwich thin, put the tomatoes and cheese on and broiled it in the toaster oven until the cheese was nice and melty. It was so yummy!

I had a bowl of the granola pumpkin flax cereal with milk but didn't take a pic. Lunch didn't tide me over. Boo! However, the granola was super filling so I wasn't too hungry for the super late dinner. 

  • glass of wine (not crazy about wine but drank it anyway)
  • chicken and noodle casserole
First, I seasoned the chicken breasts and cooked them on my George Foreman grill. It got a nice crust on it and was really flavorful. While the chicken was cooking, I boiled wide egg noodles. After dicing the chicken, I tossed them together with a can of cream of chicken and herb and half a can of cream of chicken and mushroom. Verdict: EH.

Dessert made up for the blah dinner though!

  • small scoop of chocolate ice cream
  • sprinkle of flaked coconut
  • half of a peanut butter Santa
Breakfast was scrumptuous (spelling?).

I had some frozen pancakes leftover from yesterday. I microwaved them until they were nice and warm. After tossing some frozen blueberries in a saucepan, I added a tiny bit of water (maybe a tablespoon), a sprinkle of powdered sugar and let it warm up. It got nice and juicy. Those went on the pancakes and as you know, I love my coconut! It was very satisfying!

I'll see you after lunch!

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