Sunday, January 24, 2010

Re-entry Into the World O' Meat

Wowza. What a day. I thought it would be somewhat of a lazy Sunday but nope. I managed to get the bathroom cleaned and mopped, the laundry is finished . . . the only thing left is the boys' bath. Luckily I can get both of them bathed at once with The Lover's help. Oh and the kitchen floor can wait another day. I am pooped!

As I mentioned earlier, yesterday was the last day of my Pescetarian Challenge Week. I haven't craved meat at all today. The Lover had planned on making a steak dinner tonight. I was not 100% certain I was "there" mentally. I am fairly certain I would be happy being meat free - except for seafood and fish. However, once the steak was finished and plated, it didn't look bad at all!

It was a rather large New York strip so I cut it in half. Sorry for the poor lighting. It had a good flavor. I threw together two vegetable side dishes. Fresh green beans that were simmered in vegetable broth and a mix of parsnips, celery and potatoes. To make the veggie medley, I washed and diced the potatoes and parsnips first. I had those cooking in about two tablespoons of butter. Then I added diced celery to the party. Some vegetable broth was also thrown into the mix. I let is simmer for maybe 15 minutes and the combination of the butter, broth and probably starch from the potatoes created a roux-like effect. Season to tast and it was very flavorful! My new favorite vegetable is definitely the parsnip.

My plan is to eat as little meat as possible during the day and reserve dinner for my meat meals. I'm interested to see how it works out. Now, the dishes are in the sink but I think I will wait on those for tomorrow. They are rinsed and just chilling in some water.

Do you clean everything after dinner, including dishes or do you sometimes let it wait?

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