Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wrapping Up the Weekend

Good evening! We took Big Boy to get his stitches removed and luckily he took it like a little champ. There were tears but it was short-lived. We had to take him back to the ER to get it done. While waiting, I had dried pineapple and almonds times three:

I was still pretty hungry so I broke out a Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Clif bar:

Unfortunately, I only got two bites before the boys swooped in. They are like hungry little birds. :0) After leaving the hospital, we hit up a Chinese food buffet. Something about having Chinese after a night of drinking makes me happy.

Does this count as carb loading? Haha. I had three of those yummy cookies. I think they were coconut or something. You know I love coconut! We hit Wal-Mart after lunch and got some essentials. Both boys fell asleep on the way home. We put them down for naps and I decided to hit the road. I really wasn't feeling it but I asked myself "Am I truly tired or am I just lazy?" I knew I was just being lazy so I forced myself to get my gear on. Once they were on, I did feel ready and good to go. Some runs are tough. I've mentioned before how I can run 5 miles one day and it be almos effortless and the next run would be 2 miles and be brutal. Today was a 9 mile day and mentally, I was dreading it. Once I started though, I felt wonderful! This chick rocked the 9 miles! It was an AH-MAY-ZIIIIIING run. I usually start feeling hungry during a longer run and take a goo shot. I didn't feel tired but I knew I would if I didn't take one so at the 4.5-ish mark, I took this:

I kept the packet in my little pocket so I could snap a pic at home. I was super starving when I was making dinner and ripped into my taco salad (without taco meat):

My salad contained:
  • lettuce
  • red kidney beans
  • corn
  • shredded cheddar
  • side of Fritos
  • salsa
It's an hour later and I'm feeling hungry again so yogurt it is!

Mmmmm. Pumpkin flaxseed granola, I have missed you terribly! I'm going to ice my knees while munching on this and I'll be ready for bed and reruns of George Lopez and The Nanny on Nick at Nite. Have a wonderful and good night!

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