Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank you, Lady Gaga!

I love her! Her music is so motivating and really gets me going. I was still dreading my run as I laced up my shoes. Donna had to basically kick me out of my office. I love her too! Off I went. The first 3 miles were "eh". I didn't have any knee kinks I had to work out - maybe I should do more yoga? - but I just wasn't feeling it. I texted The Lover for some motivation when I was almost at mile 2 (that's early for me!) and then texted Big & Baby Sis for motivation at mile 3.5. I didn't have any goo and luckily I didn't feel like I needed it. At mile 4, I really got into it and was singing out loud and just waving my arms around like a wacko. Whatever keeps me going, I will do it haha. I really cranked it up at mile 6 and finished did the last mile in less than 9:30. However, averaged,  I probably did 11:00 - 11:30 minute miles. Slowly but surely, I'm increasing my pace. And as always, I felt amazing after my run and am glad I did it. :0)

I had a juicy tangerine mid-morning:

And then my pre-run fuel:

'Twas a sweaty run!

Nice, huh? Super late lunch!

It contained:
  • sammie thin
  • wedge of Laughing Cow Swiss cheese
  • sliced apple
  • spinach salad with tomatoes and carrots
The combo of cheese and apple is so yum! I wish we had a toaster at work but no luck. I had all of that. I was so HONGRY!

Do you text family and friends for motivation or do you just keep on chugging?

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