Monday, January 4, 2010

I missed this chick!

This is my wonderful friend and co-worker, Donna. She's been off work and today was her first day back. Donna is so wonderful, inside and out. She and I really push each other. When one is not in the work out mood, the other says "SUCK IT UP and DO IT."

I got in two miles in about 22.5 minutes. I was hauling tail at the end and was dripping sweat. I'm really trying to work on my speed.

I'm so cheesy. I know the cold sore looks gross but I swear it's better! My huge breakfast did hold me over through the run. By the time we got back to the office, I was STAH-VING. I had leftovers from dinner last night:

  • I scooped the squash out of the shell and topped it with the cous cous stuffing
  • juicy strawberries for dessert
I ate most of the squash and stuffing and all of the strawberries. I still have the freshly baked blueberry bread waiting for me. I am super full right now but I'm sure I will find room!


  1. that's pretty juicy, and i'm not talking about the strawberries. HEEHEE