Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tough Run and Tubes

What a day! Before lunch, I snacked on some pretzels and an apple:

Feeling inspried, and having a bit of time since I didn't have to take the boys to daycare, I wanted to make a chickpea and black bean burger. After rinsing, combine about 1/4 cup of each, microwave for roughly 10 - 15 seconds to soften and mash together. Form into a ball and place in a skillet lightly sprayed with cooking spray. Press down to form a patty. Once brown, flip and brown other side. In my head, it was a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, it didn't stay together well.

By the time lunch rolled around, I discovered it basically crumbled when I put it on a sammie thin. Taste-wise it was a winning combination. However, I think I may need to add some egg white to get it to bond better. It needed moisture. Had I eaten right after making it, I really think it would have worked. I will definitely try this again for tomorrow's lunch!

It was in the mid-50s when I set out for my 8 mile speedwork run. This is me being silly before heading out:

Aren't I scary? Please excuse the basket of laundry. You should have seen the mounds before The Lover got his hands on them. He also cleaned the house while I was at work. SCORE. The good thing about doing a speed run on a treadmill is that you can see exactly when you should do your sprints. The bad thing is that it can be quite boring if you have a longer run planned. I was happy I was doing it outdoors but I don't know where to start my sprints. I just winged it. I am pretty sure I did more sprints than necessary but can't complain about that! What I super, duper want above all things is a heart rate monitor that will track distance, pace times, calories burned, etc and a Camelbak. That would have really come in handy with the distance stuff. It wasn't a tough run mentally. I felt great except when I was nearing my halfpoint. I was really feeling hungry and needed to pee like crazy. Luckily, Big Sis' In-Law's live right at the halfpoint so I was able make a pit stop, take some goo and guzzle some water.

This is me afterwards:

Check out that sexy beast! The tough part was the wind! It was freaking windy! When the wind blew, it was cold but when it wasn't it was really hot. I also ran in the grass a lot and almost busted my booty on some mud. We have snow that is still melting so there were some dangerous spots. After the run, I did a little yoga, lots of stretching and iced the knees. Post-run snackie:

More icing and I'll be making dinner soon!

Edited to Add: I totally forgot about the tubes part. So it looks like Baby Boy needs tubes in his ears. He has had 5 ear infections in the past 6 months. My poor baby! Anyone's kiddos have tubes put in? What is it like? What can we expect?


  1. Sounds like you had a good speed workout! I just got a Garmin for Christmas and am loving it so far. My model can track your heart rate if you buy the accompanying monitor, but I just use it to track my distance and speed. It has been amazing - I can't wait to do some speed workouts with it!

  2. Great run!! :D How do you like those Gu gels? I've been contemplating whether or not I want to buy a couple once half-marathon training kicks into full gear, but I'm not really sure which to try.