Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is This Day Over Yet?

Because I am ready! I am debating if I will get a sesh of "No More Trouble Zones" or level 3 of "30 Day Shred." Though a nice yoga session sounds even better. Yoga it is! Hopefully the boys don't think I am a jungle gym and climb all over me.

My mid-morning snack were grapes and an apple:

Lunch was a variation of last night's din-din:

It contained:
  • leftover slice of eggplant, nuked for about 15 seconds
  • baby spinach
  • smidge of hummus for "mustard" effect
  • sammie thin
  • celery and hummus on the side
All together:

Back to the grind! I'm looking forward to The Biggest Loser! Any plans for tonight or are you kicking back?

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