Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eating Out With the Family

Afternoon! We've been busy since 800 AM this morning. Cah-ray-zeeee. Big Boy decided he wanted pizza for dinner last night. I had this times two:

Then Baby Boy and I had dessert!

This morning, before venturing out, I had PB smeared on a sammie thin with half of a sliced banana:

This combo just doesn't get old. Later, we hit up McD's for breakfast. Why is that place so popular with kids?

Baby Boy and I shared this along with a hashbrown. Look at that grease! Ew. After greasing up our insides, we went to Sam's to buy a few bulk things. We still need to go to the regular grocery store. I'll go to the Asian grocery store on my own. Tofu and other items are more affordable there and you know, it's nice to go and hang with familiar scenery.

Eating out with the family is tough. There are so many unhealthy choices out there! I make an effort to make healthy choices but sometimes, I roll just roll with it.

Because of the huge breakfast, I'm not certain I'll be in the mood for lunch anytime soon. I'll definitely need a pre-run snack. I also reviewed my training schedule and realized I have not gotten any strength training in at all this week. I've done cross-training twice but I need to do strength. That is the plan for either later in the day (honestly not sure I'll be up to it after a 9 miler) or tomorrow. I also have Monday off. WHOOOOOOP.

Now, I'm off to tackle the nightmare in the sink and hopefully get some laundry taken care of. Cah-ray-zee, I tell ya!!

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