Monday, January 25, 2010

Dinosaurs, Transformers & Monster Jam - OH MY!

Are there other mamas of boys out there that get testosterone-d out like I do? I'm telling you, it is non-stop dude fest around here. I trip on Monster Jam trucks, sit on Transformer jets (that always give my buns a good jab) and answer non-stop questions about dinosaurs. Luckily, Nana gave Big Boy this book:

We've been learning about herbivores and carnivores. ROAR. Now we are watching Transformers for the thousandth time. I think he knows every word to the movie. While watching Transformers, I grazed on probably 3 handfuls of the Grail Mix (granola/trail mix). It's finally gone. I noticed I have been grazing a bit so I need to get that in check.

Dinner was scrumptuous. Artichokes simmered in vegetable broth, roasted garlic cous cous (times 2) and 2 oz pork chop. I'm still not loving my re-entry to the world of meat. This could be a huge sign for me.

Seriously, this vegetable broth is amazing!

There was no yoga session tonight. I am so pooped. The Lover's allergies have gone haywire so I did not get a good night's rest last night. I'm hoping for a much better night tonight!

For you vegetarians out there, were you undecided for awhile? What made you finally decide on going fully vegetarian?

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  1. Totally off topic to a point, but I love that plate!