Friday, January 8, 2010

Seriously? Seven Degrees!

That was the bitter cold temperature when we left the house this morning. Ridiculous! I imagine it was even colder than that when The Lover left. BRRRRR. This week has been a blur of activity and it's been a struggle. Work has been busy, the house is loco and can't forget the training! I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. Is it weird that I like to feel that way and that I work best under pressure? Not saying that I don't get somewhat testy though!

While going about our morning madness, I got a couple chores completed. If I am able, I will sneak in a quick sweep of the kitchen floor or throw a load of laundry in the wash. I don't do that in the summer though because leaving clothes in the wash all day makes for mildew smelling duds. Yuck. I said it before and I'll say it again, laundry for a family of four is out of control. Work in Progress: Getting The Lover and Big Boy to unroll their socks and getting clothes into the hamper and not just in the general vicinity.

Hunger pangs kept waking me up last night so I made an extra big bowl of oatmeal today:

Check out the mountain of coconut-y and almond goodness piled on top! I ate half of that monstrous beast, being certain to get as much of the coconut and almonds as I could. It hit the spot!

I didn't get around to my snack until now:

  • celery
  • Sabra hummus
Yum. Lunch will be late today. I'm heading to Ross to see if I can spend my gift card I got for Christmas. Yay for shopping! I'm hoping to find something to wear to a wedding we are going to tomorrow afternoon. My 9 miler will definitely be put off until Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow morning will again be in the single digits and that is just too frigid for me. Sunday will get into the mid-30s and that is MUCH better!

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