Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Going Batty!

My children are making me loco right now! The Lover is working late and I'm trying to get some cleaning accomplished, give them a bath, get things ready for tomorrow and hopefully go to bed early. I'm exhausted. It started storming outside and that is making me even sleepier.

When we got home, I had PB and toast. No pic, sorry! I also had a handful of trail mix, again no pic. I'm slacking. It was good though. For dinner, they had pizza and I made a great wrap.

The wrap is whole wheat and is 160 calories. Not shabby. I still want to try the Flat Out wraps. My wrap contained:
  • Sabra hummus
  • baby spinach
  • diced leftover eggplant slice from Monday
  • diced fried tofu
After dicing eggplant and tofu, I nuked it for about 30 seconds. Put all ingredients together and voila! Also, I realized I haven't given an update lately on my Pescetarian Challenge Week. Today is Day 4. The only time I've missed meat was during yesterday's dinner. My mediocre dumplings just didn't do it for me and The Lover's looked more appetizing. Overall, it's been bearable. It might be not so bearable towards the end of the week.

Baby Boy is demanding some attention so have a great night!

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