Friday, January 15, 2010

Good morning, lovelies!

Guess who is back? That's right! Chipper Retta. I am in a great mood and I'm sure part of the reason is because it is Friday. Raise the roof! Not only that, the boys were great, I felt well-rested . . . Love it. I did get some of Baby Boy's toxic diaper on my hand. Ew. You'd think I would know how to wipe by now!

The drive to the boys' daycare and to work was soupy. It was so foggy.

Don't worry. I was at a complete stop before snapping a pic. I am not a huge country music fan but living in Oklahoma, you do end up liking a handful of songs. Most depressing bar song ever: Neon Moon by Brooks & Dunn. However, when that song came on this morning, the depressing factor did not stop me from belting that tune out like I had on some Wranglers and a pearl snap shirt. I also added a little twang whilst singing. Don't lie. You know you do it to when singing country songs!

For breakfast, I made my normal oatmeal and it was delish, as usual. My smile is back!

I've been asked why I eat oatmeal everyday and if it gets boring. Honestly, sometimes it does but I do love it so on the rare occasions that I get bored, I just add different toppings/mix-ins to jazz it up some. But I find I always go back to my usual oatmeal. It is quick (like 5 minutes?) and it travels well. I usually cut the cook time a tad, put the lid on and let it finish cooking during the drive to daycare and work. By the time I eat it (sometimes almost an hour after preparation), it is perfect! Sometimes too cool but still delish.

Do you secretly love songs that are not in your music genre? If so, what is your secret song that you love but would probably not tell people about it? My number one song I secretly love: Fancy by Reba McIntyre. No joke.

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  1. Since you are quite the oatmeal should try steel cut oats. They take longer to prepare but are quite tasty and more nutritious than the regular Quaker variety.

    Despite the earthquakes I knew today would be a good one when I heard " I Wanna Dance With Somebody " on my way back from taking Baylee to school.