Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Skinny bitch!

How many times have you thought this about someone? Or maybe someone has said it to you? Though it may be intended as a compliment, there is some venom behind the glossy exterior. Before getting my act together, I totally admit I thought that about some ladies out there. I didn't know their situation so how unfair was it of me to think that? Recently, I have been on the receiving end and you what? It doesn't feel good like you think it might. I find that I have been more encouraging and positive after being on the receiving end those double-meaning compliments. Over the past year, since I began my healthier lifestyle, I have encountered comments like:

You are getting way too skinny.
You don't need to lose anymore weight.
Do you have an eating disorder?
Do you never eat?
She has to work out so she can get skinny.

It is not about being "skinny". It's a lifestyle choice that is good for myself and my family. What brings out that type of negativity in people? I believe it is because they are unhappy with themselves. When a friend/colleague/family member decides to be healthy, it brings their own lifestyle to the forefront. You can only encourage someone for so long before they start dragging you down. Don't let the negativity ruin your progress and healthy living goals!

My mid-morning snack was a super juicy orange:

Lunch was pretty late today. I practically ripped the lid off!

My super filling salad contained:
  • 2.5 handfuls of spinach
  • 1/2 cup of leftover sausage (well drained!)
  • sliced baby carrots
  • sliced 'shrooms
  • 5 juicy strawberries for dessert
It was a great and satisfying lunch!

How do you handle negativity?


  1. Id have to lose a LOT more weight to start hearing the negative although my husband does comment with things like "are you really sure you CAN lose 20 more pounds?" And I know he just doesn't think I am that overweight.

    You are right though, the comments are likely just what you said and possibly some jealousy as well.

  2. man, sounds familiar... i heard that at one point in my life... :) ha. way to go us!