Sunday, January 17, 2010

Exciting Challenge Announcement!

What a gorgeous afternoon! The morning was quite foggy and cold but the temps are slowly on the rise. The sun finally came out (after what seems like weeks with no sun) and is burning the fog off. The temp should hit 60 today. I'm squealing with excitment right now.

First things first. We had brunch instead of breakfast. I woke up earlier and had two slices of crusty, warm baguette smeared with Laughing Cow swiss cheese. Delish!

For brunch, I had one and a half pancakes smeared with PB and syrup on the side for dipping:

These were ginormous. And fluffy. Nom, nom, nom!

Challenge Announcement! As many of you know, I have been wanting to explore the vegetarian world. I find it very interesting and working where I work, I believe it's natural to give it a shot at least once. So after doing some research with help from Big Sis, I have decided to have a Pesce-Vegetarian Challenge Week, starting today. According to this site, a "pesce-vegetarian" (aka "pescetarian) is a vegetarian that eats fish. I love seafood and I understand that seafood and fish are farmed like cows, chickens, etc. I want to try a small challenge and later on, do a full vegetarian challenge. The reason for the challenge? I'm interested how being a pescetarian will merge with the rest of the family's eating habits (since they won't be doing the challenge), how I will feel both mentally and physically once the challenge is over and if the lifestyle is for me. I've already received a bit of flak for the challenge so we'll see how it all goes! I am excited to take this on and maybe you will also do the challenge along with me.

Since today will be such a great day, we will be hitting the driving range! It's been years for me and I am super pumped! Both The Lover and Big Boy received golf clubs for Christmas and are excited to give them a whirl. I'll be borrowing Baby Sis' clubs. There will be fun pics later! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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