Thursday, January 28, 2010

I surrender!

Evening, all. So far, so good on the weather. We still have power and the freezing rain has stopped much earlier than predicted. I don't mind the coming snow at all. Snow is so pretty! The chilly weather called for some hot cocoa. Hmmm . . . I could have sworn I took the pic but I can't find it. Oh well. After Baby Boy got up from his nap, we had a pre-work out dance session.

After our fun warm up, I did a brutal sesh of Jillian's "No More Trouble Zones". I think I need to do strength more often. I've been doing it twice a week - if that. There is a move called The Surrender. I should have taken photos - oops. It's killer. You hold your arms straight above your head while holding 3 lbs weights in each hand. Doesn't sound like much but after going down on one knee, then the other, then back up to a standing position while not dropping your arms - OUCH. Post workout snack was half an apple sprinkled with cinnamon:

Dinner was pretty darn good and so easy!
I had some leftover brown rice (that was cooked in veggie broth of course!) that needed to be eaten. Red kidney beans, chickpeas and diced tomatoes added some flair. I also have been dying to try some chicken sausage. The Lover thinks it's gross haha. Anyhoo, I picked up roasted garlic flavor. The combo was terrific. Dessert will be some mint Oreos. To keep myself from eating too many - which I have a habit of doing - I stuck the package in the freezer. We'll see if it works or not!

What tactics do you use to keep yourself from going crazy on sweets?

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